What to do with a long holiday weekend?

Make a drum set out of old paint cans, of course!

The Punkydoos can't wait to try it. We think oatmeal tubs or cookie tins could work, too. Anything that let's you set the beat and ROCK!

Drum Kit
from little lovely

Halloween Rocks!

The Punkydoos LOVE all the amazing costumes seen here at A Mighty Girl! Check them out and get inspired for next year. Rock on Mighty Girls!

 A Mighty Girl

Make your own microphone!

All rock stars need a good microphone. Have a parent help you follow these super easy instructions from Sprout and you'll be singing along with us in no time!

from sproutonline.com
- Cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towel roll
- Aluminum foil
- Construction paper, stickers, crayons or anything else you want to use to decorate
- Streamers or ribbons
- Glue or tape
- Safety scissors

- Decorate your cardboard tube with your construction paper, stickers, crayons, ribbons, or any other craft materials you want.
- Glue or tape ribbons or streamers to the bottom of the tube.
- Wad up a piece of foil big enough to stick out of the top.
- Glue or tape the foil to the top. Let it dry.

Who's a Punkydoo? YOU are! Now you're ready to rock!

Coolest Dad Ever

This father/daughter duo is amazing. She is SUCH a Punkydoo, don't you think?

Can You Keep the Beat?

Here's something for all you drummers out there: homemade bongos! All you need are cans, balloons, scissors, and packing tape. Just cut out balloon pieces as you see below, stretch, and tape. Two layers add strength...and style! Different sized cans will make different sounds. For detailed instructions, click here, and then start marching to the beat of your own drum.

from kidsactivitiesblog.com

Make Your Own Guitar

Check it out! Homemade guitars! So rad, we can't even stand it. Click here for the instructions and ask an adult for help. In no time you'll be ready to rock with The Punkydoos, just like Gigi!

from makeit-loveit.com

Paper Dresses? Yes, Please!

Lexi-Lou here. I was looking for costume ideas and look what I found! I would TOTALLY wear this on stage. Wouldn't you? To see more of her fine fashions and to get ideas for your own, click here.

from huffingtonpost.com